Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hot Lunch

I have stumbled upon a pretty cool technique for hot lunches at work. Here I am eating a nice grilled cheese sandwitch without using a joule of power. It started like this.
I like cheese and I like lunch fast. So in my morning haste I toss six slices of cheese into a large Ziplock back along with six slices of frozen bread. Normally by they time I eat lunch the bread is defrosted I slap the two together around lunch time and wala!, I have a very boring but tasty and filling lunch. On this particular morning I left my lunch in the car. Upon retrieval I found a glob of cheese next to a clump of soggy bread simmering in the sunlight. I was pretty hungry and upset and would have to live on coffee for the rest of the day. But being the resourceful one I decided that the sun that got me here would be the sun to save me. I broke (squished) apart the cheese spread it around the bread and put it back in the bag to 'bake'. Thirty minutes later I was enjoying a nice hot grilled (sunned) cheese sandwitch.
I think I will try it with other foods too.
Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

that really is resourceful. i'm very impressed.