Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Worker Productivity

The other day I was thinking about the productivity levels today in the business world.
In days before computers we all know that getting anything done took lots of time and lots of money. I'll leave it to the MBA's to give you the formulas. We all know that business today moves at the speed of light, etc etc... However I have found that tasks or projects that cannot benefit from advances in technology and still have to be done manually, are still expected to be completed in a very short pressurized amount of time. For many this is the cracking point and the either remain at very low level jobs or move on and hope that can take the pressure. Personally I thrive on the lightning fast actions regardless of method (high tech or low tech). But there are time it seem that this could be counterproductive as a business overall. I am still trying to find the best happy medium.

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That is so true!