Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ah ha, so thats how it works.

I always wondered how these things work. I have used some of the self heating food items. This blog satisfies my inner curiosity for how things work and my quest for impressive companies.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Twisted BBC

While the Terror that has struck London this morning is heart wrenching, This is also very disturbing and set me thinking about media reports in general as we know it and the huge influence they wield.

Motorola V180 (bad)

I was shopping around for a new cell phone and laid my eyes on the v180. It seemed to be a decent phone, it had no camera which IS a plus, and was reasonably priced. When the phone came it was immediately evident that this was a sub par phone. It felt cheap and had less features than my v66. So I sent it back and ordered the v330. When it arrives I have a very interesting theory to post about the two phones and why they are so different. Stay tuned, this will be big.

Side Note- I always use the weight test when buying and/or evaluating any kind of electronic gadgetry. The more it weighs in comparison to its counterparts the better quality it is.

v66 = 79g
v180 = 92g
v330 = 120g

New Shoes

In other news I finally got a pair of shoes however not from As expected the service was not on par with zappos however they did come in a timely manner.