Thursday, July 07, 2005

Motorola V180 (bad)

I was shopping around for a new cell phone and laid my eyes on the v180. It seemed to be a decent phone, it had no camera which IS a plus, and was reasonably priced. When the phone came it was immediately evident that this was a sub par phone. It felt cheap and had less features than my v66. So I sent it back and ordered the v330. When it arrives I have a very interesting theory to post about the two phones and why they are so different. Stay tuned, this will be big.

Side Note- I always use the weight test when buying and/or evaluating any kind of electronic gadgetry. The more it weighs in comparison to its counterparts the better quality it is.

v66 = 79g
v180 = 92g
v330 = 120g

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