Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Link: ASCII BBS file of household tips

The 43 Folders blog is aways a favorite but this link is useful collection of tips, archived from BBSs back in the day.

Cingular Launches 8125 - Gizmodo

A friend of mine just got this phone. I may be going in for an upgrade soon, hehe. The keyboard is very clever (although not unique) and makes room for a larger screen, which is a good thing :) I would probably decline the Unlimited Data plan and find WIFI access, which is supported! YAY

I should point out that T-Mobile has the same phone under a different name here

Link: Security & Privacy - Made Simpler

It's challenging to be a small business owner in today's complex marketplace. Add to that the issue of safeguarding the sensitive data you collect from your customers and your employees, and the level of complexity appears to increase.

This indeed should be on the mind of every company owner. I should point out that in my mind computer security (hacking) is not the only method of attack on a company. Dumpster diving and mail theft (snail mail) can reveal many juicy details about a company and cause a lot of damage to company operations and its reputation.

Dumpster diving is perfectly legal too!

LINK: TIAA-CREF: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

This is bad. Especially since it come up as the number 4 link when you search for TIAA CREF.

This is more a lesson of not testing, testing and testing again.

How on earth does google delete its own blog?

Link: Husband On Strike

I had to laugh, this guy is in my neighborhood, maybe ill go over and take some pictures tommorow.

Update 03/31/06
According to local news reports he is listed on the national sex offender list.
The site (and link) are no longer live.