Friday, June 30, 2006

Boom goes the light bulb

Yesterday (06/29/06) at about 7:30pm I was relaxing on the couch when .....boom. Wow what was that. Apparently the fluorescent light bulb exploded in the bathroom. Luckily the bathroom is not used very often, and nobody was in it at the time. Check out the pictures, quite amazing actually. (the bathroom still has that sharp burnt electronics smell)


Anonymous said...

ask sunbeam for a new one

Anonymous said...

One day I came upstairs and noticed the spell of burning plastic. I quickly went to find my wife who had just gone to bed and asked he if she burned anything. Nope.

I'm inverstigating, checking lights, nothing, I can't find what made that smell.

Getting nervous I call 911, and ask for the fire department. Meanwhile I'm feeling walls looking for hot spots, because this house has very old wiring.

I find a hot spot!!

When the fire department shows up I show them the hot spot, they feel it, but don't seem too sure about it. The chief tells me that it doesn't smell like a fire, it smells like a burned out fluorescent light bulb to him.

Meanwhile I call the upstairs neighbors (at 2 in the morning), because maybe the hot spot is from wires going to them. They check it out, they're using power, but everything seems fine.

The fire department tells me they could break the wall if I want, but they are just not sure about it.

Finally they decide to go, and tell me to call them if I find anything!

Now what????? Do I have a fire? Where is that smell coming from??

I walk over to the dining room and turn on the light - and there it is, a burned out fluorescent light bulb. I have no idea how I didn't notice it.

The hot spot turned out to be hot water pipes for the radiators.

I feel quite dumb, and my neightbor told me she dreamt all night of fire.

Well anyway - I know exactly the smell you speak of. Don't call the fire department.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile I call the upstairs neighbors"
Which house was this?

"the spell of burning plastic."
"I'm inverstigating,"
"and my neightbor told me"

"Don't call the fire department."
Did you tell them you found the cause?

BTW what company was your bulb?

A Critical System said...