Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool

I came across this issue today on an Exchange 2003 Server

"The mail proxy for this folder can not be found. This may be due to replication delays. The mail enabled pages will not be shown.

ID: c1038a21
Exchange system Manager"

Apparently this happens when the store originates in an exchange 5.5 Environment. This one did (via exchange 2000!)

Download here

  • Connect to the DB
  • Navigate to the offending folder (or the top level and check the first check box, not checked above)
  • right click
  • Property Editor
(you will see the above window)
  • in the drop down box find the above property
  • change the radio button to clear and hit execute
  • Close
  • you may need to restart the information store
  • go back to your folder
  • right click
  • mail enable (Thats what you wanted right?)

1 comment:

A Critical System said...

if you do check all folders then yes you will need to mail enable all the folders one at a time (a pain, i know)