Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quick overview of TS and RDP

Quote from Help file (Copyrighted by Microsoft)

Remote Administration using Terminal Services

In Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 family operating systems, Terminal Services technology is the basis for several features that enable you to connect to remote computers and perform administrative tasks.

  • Remote Desktop for Administration (formerly known as Terminal Services in Remote Administration mode) provides remote server management capabilities for Windows Server 2003 family operating systems. Using this feature, you can administer a server from virtually any computer on your network. No license is required for up to two simultaneous remote connections in addition to the server console session. A corresponding desktop version of Remote Desktop for Administration is available on Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, and is called Remote Desktop.

  • The Remote Desktops MMC snap-in allows you to create remote connections to the console session of multiple terminal servers, as well as computers running Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 family operating systems.

  • Remote Desktop Connection, available on Windows Server 2003 family operating systems as well as on Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems, enables you to log on to a remote computer and perform administrative tasks, even from a client computer that is running an earlier version of Windows.


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