Wednesday, September 06, 2006

About the Try and Buy program from Sun.......

I have been thinking about the Try and Buy program from Sun, and besides for the, oh no what have a got myself into, the program is intriguing from a marketing perspective.

Microsoft has entered the server market relatively late in the game. However they have gotten as big as they have mostly because people, like me, grew up on Microsft PC's, when the opportunity came for a talk about servers we naturally thought of Microsoft first. We installed them maintained them and thought of little else but Microsft and Intel computers.

In this program Sun is firing back and saying "hey you want to play with our machine too?" In my case yes I do, it will give me a chance to see the rest of the computing world. Often time I hear from my brother (a real Linux nut) that wintels are a minor part of the real computer world.

So here is my foray into the big leagues. We'll see how it goes.

I should add that for years I have been recommending Dells, workstations and servers. Mostly because I never had an HP/Compaq so Dell became the choice vender for me to recommend. They have reasonably good products, fast shipping, custom configuration, and decent warranty. So why not Dell?

I wonder how my impressions, knowledge and recommendations will change after meeting Mr. Sun.

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