Thursday, November 09, 2006

X4200: The ILOM

One of the new technologies that I found fascinating is the ILOM. (Integrated Lights Out Manager). Basically it is a hardware layer that is below all other standard components on the server. Meaning it has its own NIC and can redirect all inputs to the web, using a really fancy JAVA app. When Window needed the SCSI drivers, normally you have to put those drivers on a floppy and load them into the windows install. But what if there is no floppy drive? Then you could slipstream windows onto new media with the drivers included.
You can use ILOM and the floppy redirection. Yup, it picked up my floppy drive from my workstation and directed it back into ILOM and used the drivers from there.

Just to clarify how low this ILOM layer is, you can actually see (and configure) BIOS configuration remotely, something I had never seen before.

Neat stuff!!

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