Thursday, November 02, 2006

X4200: Powering it up

That was tough. For all of you that thought that this server was turn-key, well it ain't.
I'll explain.
I plug in the power cords, (there is two of them) and am greeted with that hypersonic whoosh that accompanies all new servers. That's cool. Then it goes through POST, HD, etc.. till GRUB. Grub counts down 10 seconds for solaris 10 to boot, and then .............................nothing.
Just a tiny flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. Thats it.
Here is where I went wrong. Read the manual, no seriously, I never read the manual, but here Iwas completely stuck without it. First off I had to change the IP settings of one on the NICS (net 0) to DHCP.
Then I follow the instructions here, step by step (mostly for the fun of it) and setup Solaris 10.
But to be honest, I had to install Windows Server 2003 'cause that is what I know. More on that later.

And Mr. Fix It Man I had some pictures of the internals but i have since misfiled them, when I find them I will post.

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