Wednesday, December 27, 2006

UPS Ship Notification, Tracking Number.........

Does anyone have the same experience?
Every time i get a QuantumView notification I always get emailed twice.
Do the smart people at UPS not trust email? What's up with that?
If the first did not reach the recipient (me) then why should the second email?
And besides it smells like SPAM.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

User Assist Keys

Hmm, what does this do?

user assist keys

Windows Explorer keeps track of the programs you run in the UserAssist registry keys, which are ROT13 encrypted. Some people say this is spyware behavior of Windows.
This program will display the decrypted entries and allow you to delete them. I've also reverse-engineered the binary data stored in the entries: it's a counter and a timestamp.
Download here

Creating PDFs with PDFCreator

Note to self: Very nice article and program

For many Windows users who want to create PDF files, Adobe Acrobat is overkill. Acrobat has more functions and features than they'll generally use, and with a price tag of $299 ($449 for the professional edition), Acrobat costs more than many people want to spend. Luckily, Windows users can create PDFs from any application using the GPL-licensed PDFCreator. Built on top of Ghostscript, a popular free PostScript interpreter, PDFCreator is fast and configurable. For most purposes, it's a great alternative to Acrobat.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Funny comic from Squirrel Hill Magazine

I saw this in the Squirrel Hill Magazine and thought I would share.

Squirrel Hill Landmarks BY: David Coulson