Sunday, June 03, 2007

Neato: Install Firefox extensions globally

  • Log in as administrator or as a user that has administrator priviledges.
  • Instead of installing the extension automatically, download it!
  • Right-click on the download link of the extension and choose “Save Link As…”.
  • Choose a path you can easily remember, for example “D:\Downloads”.
  • When the download has finished click on >Start >Run and type “cmd” into the little window.
  • When you hit enter or click “OK” a command window will open.
  • Type “firefox –install–global–extension [XPI]” into that window, replacing the word [XPI] with the direct path to the extension you wish to install, for example “D:\Downloads\extension.xpi”.
  • Finally hit enter and the extension will be installed into the main directory of Firefox, located under “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”, rather than into the user profile.
  • Firefox itsself will not confirm the installation of a new extension.

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