Thursday, October 11, 2007

Advertising mind games Part 1

Its a well known fact that the very best advertising is word of mouth. Nothing beats it. You get the endorsement and your company name passed on to a potential customer in one.

On the other hand radio, print and TV advertising is all about plastering your company name. The hope is that if you hear it enough you will believe that it is good. This generally works, however todays society is inoculated against this effect.

To counteract this inoculation you get all kinds of endorsements along with the broadcast of the company name. This is better but also suffers because people recognize that they are paid endorsements and the endorsement potential is diluted somewhat.

So then there is endorsement without the company name, by way of a fictional friend.
I'll explain.
My parents received a letter in the mail, no return address and a handwritten to address. The effect is a guaranteed opening of that letter. So it gets opened and inside is what appears to be a pull out of a newspaper praising a certain product. On the newspaper in the top corner is a hand written

"Xxxxx, Check it Out! -J"

Now, it took me a minute but I realized that this was endorsement without the company name (don't worry the contact info was there at the very end). There is no friend "J", it was an attempt to endorse a company by way of "word of mouth".

Unfortunately for them it also destroys all credibility and leaves no trust. I would never buy from such a company.

See for yourself.
(Due to the nature of the internet I had to obscure personal information)

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