Friday, October 19, 2007

Update:New Verizon DNS Landing Page

Well, well.
It seems you can opt out of the Verizon Landing page. AKA Verizon DNS assistance, Just change your DNS to or see links below for detailed instructions.

Opting out of DNS assistance

When you enter a domain name into the address bar of your Web browser, DNS (Domain Name Service) translates the domain name into an IP address that your computer understands. Your computer then displays the Web site based on this IP address.

If you prefer that the DNS server display an error message when it can't match the domain you've entered with an IP address, you can change your DNS settings in your hardware device (router, gateway, or modem) or in your Operating System. Either method prevents DNS Assistance servers from displaying a page of links to sites that have similar domain names to the one you entered.

  1. Change the DNS settings in the Operating System
    • Note: If you change the DNS settings in your Operating System, you could encounter problems if you travel with this computer. You will probably have to change back to the original settings to connect to a hotel network, for example."

  2. Change the DNS settings in the hardware device
    • Note: Changing the DNS settings in the hardware device requires that you know the device user name and password.

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