Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poem: The freezer is calling!

Something calls from the freezer,
It goes Pop crackle pop!
the first time i ever heard it,
It almost made my pencil drop.
It's driving me crazy,
its driving me nuts!
Can't it ever stop?
(split, splatter, splut!)
Something calls from the freezer,
It goes pop crackle pop!
every 5-20 minutes I hear it,
Can't it ever stop?
Can it be the lemon juice?
can it be the frozen cake?
But it might not come from the food,
it might be a mistake.
Whoever knows what it might be
I can only hear it- the noises i can't see.
Whoops I'm running out of time,
To write this little freezer rhyme.
Who knows who knows I may find out,
What this frosty noise is all about.

-By C.L.R.
Age 9

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