Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Migrate old computer to new computer, with all users data

So I have an old computer from a client, and need to collect all pictures and files, but not all the junk of the old computer. So utilizing 7z v9.14, (Still in beta as of now) and the command line I can maintain the folder structure and grab all those file in one swoop. This is something that I could not get xcopy to do, so I 7Z saved the day.

Anyway here is my command line

"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z" a -tzip "\\server\Files.zip" -r c:\*.pdf c:\*.jpg c:\*.doc c:\*.docx c:\*.xls c:\*.xlsx c:\*.mp3 c:\*.rax c:\*.mov c:\*.wma c:\*.ppt c:\*.pptx c:\*.mdb c:\*.accdb c:\*.gif c:\*.efx c:\*.pst c:\*.nk2 c:\*.rdp c:\*.wav c:\*.zip c:\*.avi c:\*.qbw c:\*.qbb c:\*.ost c:\*.one c:\*.odt c:\*.ods c:\*.odp c:\*.odb c:\*.odg c:\*.odf  c:\*.wmv c:\*.tax c:\*.bkf
UPDATE 06/10/2011: Added new file extensions

Note that you can add any file types to suit your needs, my client only needed the above files. Modify as you see fit.

Or you can use Windows Easy Transfer. But there is no fun in that ;)  - Dead

If you spot an error or a better way, please comment!

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